What Is The Meaning Of Delineated?

What is the synonym of delineate?

In this page you can discover 34 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for delineate, like: outline, draft, delimit, describe, picture, portray, draw, chart, depict, design and etch..

What part of speech is delineate?

delineatepart of speech:transitive verbrelated words:block, chart, circumscribe, define, describe, draw, explain, figure, illustrate, line, map, mark, portray, recite, record, relate, report, represent, rough, specify, traceWord CombinationsSubscriber feature About this featurederivation:delineable (adj.)3 more rows

What is the meaning of delineation?

1 : the act of outlining or representing something with lines or words : the act of delineating the delineation of a scene …

What is the meaning of sprang?

sprang or, often, sprung; sprung; spring•ing; v.i. 1. to rise, leap, or move suddenly and swiftly: a tiger about to spring. 2. to be released suddenly from a constrained position: The door sprang open.

Which region of the Earth is thickly populated?

MonacoMonaco is the world’s most densely populated place.

What is a antonym for delineate?

delineate. Antonyms: misrepresent, caricature, exaggerate, misportray. Synonyms: describe, figure, sketch, portray, depict, draw, represent, paint.

What is another word for Volition?

What is another word for volition?choiceelectiondeterminationfree willresolutionconationdecisiondesirewillingnesswish153 more rows

What was clearly delineated?

Delineated describes something that has been clearly portrayed or accurately represented.

How tall was the jet attain?

Answer. Answer: The jet attained a height of ten thousand feet.

Who is the poet of the poem geography lesson?

Zulfikar GhoseSummary of Geography Lesson The author of this poem is Zulfikar Ghose. Ghose was born in India before independence. Eventually, after independence, he settled in Pakistan, and now, he resides in the USA.

What is another word for determine?

Some common synonyms of determine are decide, resolve, rule, and settle.

What is the meaning of delineated ‘?

transitive verb. 1 : to describe, portray, or set forth with accuracy or in detail delineate a character in the story delineate the steps to be taken by the government. 2a : to indicate or represent by drawn or painted lines. b : to mark the outline of lights delineating the narrow streets.

How do you use delineate in a sentence?

Delineate in a Sentence 🔉Before I began to plant my seeds, I will delineate the rows of my garden to make sure every vegetable grows in a precise line. … Jason put a fence up to delineate his property from his neighbor’s.More items…

How do you delineate an argument?

When delineating an argument, try to determine the author’s position after the first read of the it. Then, read it more closely to find what the author’s claims are and how they support author’s position. The remaining text should support these claims as evidence.