Quick Answer: Why Are Steps Different On Fitbit And Apple Watch?

Is Apple Watch or fitbit more accurate for steps?

When you look at the combined data in the Health App of iPhone (pocket) and apple watch (arm), this should be more accurate than the Fitbit which cannot rely on the more stable pocket position.

Sometimes you just cannot detect a step from the arm position.

So iPhone + Apple Watch are counting more steps in this regard..

Why is an Apple watch better than a Fitbit?

The Fitbit Sense crushes the Apple Watch 5 with up to six days of battery life and up to 12 hours when using GPS. That’s good for a dedicated sports watch, much less a smartwatch.

Are Fitbit and Apple Watch compatible?

Now you can set up your Fitbit app so it will connect to your Apple Watch through Strava. … Tap Fitbit from the list of devices that appears. (Note that the Apple Watch doesn’t appear on the list.) Then tap “Connect Fitbit.” Enter your Fitbit account information.

Why do steps on Apple Watch not match Health app?

The fix is relatively simple: On your iPhone, in the Health app, go to: Health Data > Activity > Steps > Data Sources & Access > Edit. Shift all the Watch entries above the iPhone entries. Once you’re done editing, the data in the health app should update to match the step count in your Activity App.

Does an Apple watch count steps like a Fitbit?

After a little digging, I found an app that let me add my current steps to my watch face so it’s only a glance away, just like my Fitbit. The app is Pedometer++ and it’s free. … Now, I’ve got my Apple Watch set up so it accurately counts my steps and displays my current count on the watch face.

Does the Apple watch track steps accurately?

It’s also a dedicated activity tracker that can measure active calories burned, active minutes, the number of times you stand throughout the day, your daily step count and distance traveled….Activity trackers.DeviceApple Watch (calibrated)Steps2,097 avgDistance (mi)1.003 avgDifference*0.003Deviation*0.3%7 more columns•May 19, 2015