Question: What Can I Use Vitality Points For?

How do I claim my vitality points?

You claim online for Vitality Race Events You will need to complete the online form and upload a copy of your race certificate or proof of your results.

Vitality will then award your points.

Please allow for up to four days for the points to reflect.

You can view your points on the Vitality Points Tracker ..

Do vitality points expire?

At the start of every year, your Vitality points reset to zero, but you still keep the rewards and status level that you earned the previous year. This is to help encourage you to keep healthy each year.

How many vitality points do you need for gold?

Points thresholds The number of Vitality points needed to reach Bronze, Silver and Gold Vitality status will be lowered in 2020. A single member will need only 7 500 points to get to Bronze, 25 000 points to get to Silver and 40 000 points to get to Gold in 2020.

How long does it take for vitality points to reflect?

four daysYour Vitality points should reflect on your Vitality Points Tracker within four days of completing a Vitality activity. Vitality points for fitness devices usually take between 24 and 48 hours to reflect, depending on when we get fitness data from our partners.

How do you get vitality?

Every time you do healthy activities, like going for a health check, buying healthy food and getting physically active, you can earn Vitality Health points and increase your Vitality Health status. For each additional member aged 18 and older, add 3 750 (Bronze), 12 500 (Silver), 20 000 (Gold) and 25 000 (Diamond).

What does Silver vitality status mean?

When you take out a Vitality Health policy you begin on bronze status, once you earn 800 Vitality points you move to silver status, 1,600 points earns you gold status and 2,400 gives you platinum status, which is the highest status you can reach. The higher the status the better the rewards.

How do you earn weekly points on vitality?

How do I earn weekly rewards? You need to get active! Once you get your Vitality Age and your weekly target, you can track your exercise with your fitness app or device and earn points. You will earn your reward when you meet your weekly Target Points for two consecutive weeks.

What devices work with vitality?

Which devices and apps does Vitality use to award points?Apple Health app.Samsung Health.Garmin.Polar.Fitbit.Suunto.Withings.Technogym.More items…

How many vitality points do I need for steps?

Get active DetailsAll adults can earn 3 points for reaching 7,000 steps, 5 points for reaching 10,000 steps and 8 points for reaching 12,500 steps per day. However, If you’re aged 70 or over or have a verified Vitality Age Gap of five or more years, you can earn three activity points for reaching 5,000 steps in a day.

How many points is platinum vitality?

2,400To reach Platinum status you need to get to 2,400 Vitality points.

What is male vitality?

Its seller claims: “As men age, they may often experience a slow-down in vitality, energy, and overall wellness,” so Super Male Vitality is “specifically designed to assist the body in regulating proper balance to create superior vitality in males.” The liquid is a mix of widely available herbs.

How long does it take for vitality to work?

A: After you complete an activity and it posts to your statement, it can take up to 24 hours for the appropriate number of Vitality Points to also post. Q: How long after I complete an event may I submit the required documentation and receive Vitality Points? A: You have up to 90 days to do so.

How does vitality device booster work?

Vitality Active Rewards Device Booster forms part of our new range of fitness boosters exclusive to Vitality members. By activating the benefit, you will get up to 75% cash back on a heart rate fitness device from Sportsmans Warehouse or Totalsports.

How do I get Apple watch on vitality?

If you’re an existing Vitality member, simply log in to Member Zone to order an Apple Watch. If you’re new to Vitality, you can view the full range offered on our Apple Watch offer page before buying a Vitality plan.

How do I turn on my device booster?

3 steps to getting your fitness device:Activate Device Booster under Vitality Active Rewards on the Discovery app > Vitality > Vitality Active Rewards > Benefit Boosters > Fitness Boosters > Device Booster.SMS your HealthyGear number to 33015 using your registered cellphone number.More items…