Question: How Do I Cancel My Blink Gray Membership?


Does Blink have an annual fee.

Blink Fitness annual fee: Membership to one Blink location is $299.99 per Year.

If you want access to all the locations, it’s $399.99 Annually for one person..

A Gray membership is a no-commitment agreement, to cancel you only need to give notice, there is no buyout fee. The number of days notice required for cancellation varies by state.

The Blink Fitness Gray membership is a no-commitment agreement so to cancel you only need to give 45 days notice, there is no buyout fee. The Blink Fitness Gray Blue and Green memberships are 12-month agreements. You may cancel the agreement within the first year by giving notice and paying a buyout fee.

To delete your account, log into the Blink app and tap on the Settings gear icon . On the Settings screen, Tap Manage Account, then Delete Account. A confirmation screen appears.

All membership changes are done at the facility. Just stop at the front desk and inform them that you would like to upgrade your membership. One of our mood lifters will gladly assist you. Please keep in mind that Blue, Green, and Orange memberships have a 12-month obligation contract.

Why is it so hard to cancel a gym membership?

“Gyms are notoriously hard to quit, because most clubs do not want to allow the member to cancel their contract once they realize the hard work and commitment involved in becoming fit,” New York City attorney David Reischer recently told the Washington Post.