Question: Does MadFit Dance Workout Work?

Are TikTok dances good exercise?

According to Chad Weiss, a personal trainer and owner of Westchester MMA, a martial arts gym, TikTok dancing takes a “tremendous amount of energy.” While people stuck at home aren’t getting the traditional motivation of a group class, “the TikTok challenges have people moving around in a way that can burn 400-600 ….

Is MadFit legit?

The workout was not the hardest, but a good set of videos for after a run or long bike ride. MadFit is run by Maddie Lymburner, a youtuber and fitness influencer. … But, if you know how to do a variety of exercises and aren’t looking for someone to talk to you for the entire time, MadFit is a good option for you.

How many calories does a dance workout burn?

At a weight of 125 pounds, you’re burning roughly 5.5 calories per minute dancing moderate steps, or 330 an hour. If you weigh 155 pounds, you burn almost 7 calories per minute, or 410 per hour. Someone who weighs 185 pounds burns more than 8 calories per minute, 488 in the course of an hour.

How many calories does MadFit dance workout burn?

Fun and active: It feels like I’m working out with a friend as MadFit does the dance with you so it feels like it’s a proper dance party. She keeps you motivated and doesn’t make you get on the floor. In total I burned 130 calories, which is amazing for a dance that is so fun I wouldn’t even call it a workout!